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2023 Upcycled Fashion Show

Governor Wentworth Arts Council and The Makers Mill collaborated on our 2023 Upcycled Fashion Show on April 22, 2023 at the Kingswood Arts Center in Wolfeboro, NH. We had a fabulous event full of amazing designs by very talented artist of all ages. Please enjoy these photos of the 2023 designs and designers taken by Birch Blaze Studios.

You can also find the event recording here thanks to Wolfeboro Community TV.

Team Willows consists of Paula Wilson, Nick Bellows, and Bailey Bellows.

Says Team Willows:
“Our team members are mother, son, and grand-daughter. Team Willows is creative, imaginative, and fun-loving – we represent the fabric and threads of three generations – past, present and future.

Our designs focus on the Victorian era with Steampunk influences. The primary garments are constructed from deconstructed linens and draperies, embellished with thrifted jewelry pieces and buttons and other pieces from deconstructed thrifted garments and handbags. The designs also incorporate recyclable household products such as onion bag netting and packaging materials.”

Image Credit: Birch Blaze Studios, Wakefield NH

Designer Zion Guttman. Modeled by the designer.

Zion has always loved fashion, especially costume design. Much of Zion's inspiration comes from the theater, especially the world of fantasy and whimsical design. Creativity is Zion's favorite form of expression.

“Everything in my design is upcycled (except a small touch of pink glitter that I just had to add). My goal was to create a vision of a fairy living in today's teen world. I started with a pile of clothes that my mom and I had put in the "give away" pile and went to town. My overcrowded craft room provided all the details and trim that I needed to complete my vision.”

Image Credit: Birch Blaze Studios, Wakefield NH

Designed by Emilia Ponomarev and modeled by the designer. Created using wet felting.

Says Emilia:
“I had a skirt, which I had made a long time ago, but never worn. It was a rather large piece of material of very good quality.

My inspiration was cardboard boxes, the way we close it by overlapping each top part over another. I made as many circles as possible; according to my design I needed 144 of them, the skirt size was not enough, so I used a hat, pair of gloves as well.”

Image Credit: Birch Blaze Studios, Wakefield NH

This bag is designed by Ava Roriston and modeled by the designer.

Says Ava:
“I’m twelve years old and have been lucky to be a Craft Club student of Bette Frazier.

Bette has taught me sewing, knitting, quilting, rug looming, and all things “crafting!” These tote bags are made from recycled juice pouches. The materials were easy - colorful juice pouches, thread and webbing for the handles. I like how they’re recycled AND fun and fashionable at the same time!”

Image Credit: Birch Blaze Studios, Wakefield NH