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You’ll be delighted to stop and admire the works of local artist and teacher, Robin Cornwell, currently on display at the Wolfeboro Public Library for the month of May. The show is titled “Art As Therapy - Getting Through The Tough Times” and includes a display of over 25 of exquisitely crafted quilts.

Throughout her work, Ms. Cornwell displays how she has dealt with the sensitive topics of cancer, Covid, alcoholism, suicide and loss. Her choices of imagery defy the negative feeling of the topics, as colorful prints intermingle on her bright, hand-dyed fabrics.

Robin is a fabric artist combining printmaking, dyeing and hand quilting in her art quilts. Prints are made from her hand carved blocks as well as stencils, Gelli plate, batik and often even real leaves using a colorful palette of bold colors and combinations. The theme of her artwork is portrayed in images of flowers, leaves, abstract forms and expressive hand poses through a variety of printed cloth pieces combined in a visually pleasing combination.

Through her work she has been able to ease some of the anxiety, pain and frustration of the past few years. These are some hard times we are experiencing and art making can be a wonderful way to get through it all!

“Art As Therapy” is on display through the end of May during regular operating hours at Wolfeboro Public Library.

You can reach out to Cornwell at 

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