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The Governor Wentworth Arts Council offers the Art Education Fund to promote the arts across disciplines within the region. The fund is open to any individual or organization operating within the Governor Wentworth School District. The funds must be used for educational purposes, this may include: residency fees, sponsoring a student, offering a new class, workshop materials, etc. This does not include funding for an artist to attend a workshop or class; applicants interested in funding for coursework may apply to the Priscilla Hodges Scholarship Fund. If you are not sure if your application falls under this description, please email the Chair of the Grant Committee.

Awards are granted on a rolling basis starting in January. If the entire fund empties the season's grant cycle will end. Applicants are encouraged to apply early. There is no limit to the number of times you may apply, however, successful applicants are creative, show a deep understanding of their project, and have clear goals.

Applications close on December 1



Kingswood Youth Center


Ossipee Central School

New Durham Elementary School

Kingswood Regional Middle School


The inaugural year of the EAF
Northeastern Ballet Theater
Kingswood Regional HS Theater