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Landscapes is an exhibition of paintings and drawings whose principal subject is the portrayal of a scenic view. The view depicted may be that of a real place, imaginary, or idealized landscape. In our idyllic scenes and harmonious compositions we attempt to elevate the power and peace of nature. We attach metaphorical meaning to the elements in order to make sense of nature's potential. In this process of painting the landscape we find our own insignificance and wholeness. Because in the midst of trivial humanity there will always be secret views mankind has never seen, destructive forces of nature that we will never know and more beauty than we could ever comprehend. For this show we encourage you to bring 1 to 3 pieces of 2D artwork that showcase every kind of landscape from humble to impossibly grand.

Featured GWAC Member Artists:

D.L Kaulbach

Kristiina Sakai

Ann Tracy

Cheryl Shanahan

Jerome Holden 

Ilona Train

Marcia Kiley Lemay 

Debbie Mueller

Helen Fernald


Landscapes will take place in the lobby of Huggins Hospital from July 15th, 2023 till October 7th, 2023. Drop off and pick up on both dates is from 10-12pm. Access to the exhibition area is through the Emergency Entrance. All artwork must adhere to our Guidelines for Exhibitions. You can also plan ahead by getting familiar with our Artist Agreement.

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