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Governor Wentworth Arts Council is pleased to announce "Daily Musings" by member artist Becky Bense.

From the Artist:

"Neurographic art is a form of meditative art often used in conjunction with therapy. These pieces were done in the style of neurographic art combined with a creative twist and a daily practice of painting.

Here is how I do it. I pick an idea from the things I see, read, hear, or wonder about. This becomes the title.

First, I take a minute or two and think about a subject. Then I put the pen to the paper with the idea of just letting it go where it may. Think of pushing a marble across the page with your pen, letting go of the outcome and creating lines that are seemingly nonsensical and not repeating. The next step is to go back in and “round” the intersections of these lines. Then I examine what happened and see if anything presents itself, like a crane or a human, adding more lines to make what I see more obvious and so hopefully you can see it, too! Next comes the paint and occasionally there is some back and forth between the paint and the ink.


Thank you for taking your time to check out my art. These are for sale, and you can reach me at"

About the Artist:

RS Bense -

Most folks know RSBense as Becky.

Becky currently lives in Bradford , NH and grew up in Tuftonboro. She a recipient of a scholarship from Governor Wentworth Arts Council in the mid 1980's and has a BA from UNH with a minor in Studio Arts.

Becky has been studying watercolor for about 20 years. Her love of art and painting first started with great teachers at Kingswood Regional High School. Nancy Piper and Lee Gridley set her off with a solid foundation in the arts. In her work, she likes using a relatively non-toxic medium that also has transparency.

This show is titled Daily Musings and highlights her meditative work in the neurographic style of art.

She is working now to bring this style into her knowledge of landscape painting.

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