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Governor Wentworth Arts Council is pleased to present our first solo show of the year From the lonely afternoons by Robert Shaffer.


Shaffer is fascinated by illustrators and the stories they tell. He loves the idea of mark making and the power marks communicate on multiple emotional and intellectual levels. Shaffer creates unique prints that explore texture, color and line. Building a bridge between the fine art and the functional goal-centered commercial design.  Deeply moved by the art of Japan, he studied and incorporated historical Japanese methods into his art. A fortunate recipient of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund, Shaffer spent time in Japan deepening his knowledge.


Robert Shaffer worked for many years as a commercial artist before focusing on teaching. He wants to foster the same enthusiasm that he has toward visual storytelling and has guided many gifted young artists to find their individual styles.

GWAC member artist, Robert Shaffer, is currently showing until May 27,2023.

See more of his work by stopping at Meredith Village Savings Bank in Wolfeboro.

You can reach out to Shaffer at or 1.401.225.8985 

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