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Governor Wentworth Arts Council is pleased to announce "Then And Now - Embracing Change" by member artist Kristiina Sakai.

The show will be on display at Meredith Village Savings Bank in Wolfeboro until July 27. Available for viewing during regular bank hours.

From the Artist:

"Nothing in life is permanent, seems we are always in a flux. In my prior abstract and multimedia paintingsI found myself conflicted between depicting emotions and color, resulting often color taking over. My emotions seem to have been locked away, restricted, unreachable, colors often in conflict with one another assaulting the viewer. When life brings changes, when one is suddenly sprung free, free to feel, free to be you, colors start to harmonize images, emerge from depths previously unknown, untouched, unimagined. A new kind of life is breathing onto the canvas. New forms and images are appearing, colors previously unknown, harmonizing." -Kristiina Sakai

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