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Governor Wentworth Arts Council is pleased to announce "More than the Sum of its Parts" by member artist Bob De Mario.

About the Show:

A New Hampshire artist who is at home with natural materials as well as man-mande. Turning images of surreal and ideal from the world around him.

Inspired by the sculptural works of Louise Nevelson and David Smith and collage artists from the POP movement in America.

Robert De Mario's artwork can only be described as diverse.

The show will be on display at Meredith Village Savings Bank in Wolfeboro from March 23, 2024 to June 8, 2024. Available for viewing during regular bank hours.

From the Artist:

"It is my personal vision to express myself in flat, colorful shapes that catch the viewer's eye in a tasteful yet visually stimulating way. My work is about design and shape in the purist form possible.

[In my Cut-Paper Collage Art] my intent is to create a graphic image with shapes of paper cut out to resemble the scene. I work from photographs to get a likeness of the object in collage format. The little shapes of paper create an illusion of a scene in a graphic way with the subject matter still being easily recognizable.

My painted wooden sculptures are a labor of love from creation to final art. I try to encompass the purist elements of art, design, shape and form in my sculptures.

I hope that people will ultimately accept my view of sculpture for the purity that it resembles, as well as from being created from the heart."
Bob De Mario


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