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The second group show of the year will be on display at Huggins Hospital. The show is entitled Still Garden and is a floral still life exhibition. 


Still Garden is a show about the ephemeral beauty of flowers and plants in a still life setting. The loveliness that can come from a setting of natures mortes or dead natures has been inspiring artists for hundreds of years. Still lifes are often associated with material decay and the futility of worldly life. To present a showcase of beauty within apparent death and decay pays respect to new life and life lost as we come into the warmer months. For this show we welcome all 2D mediums that showcase still lifes of flowers, plants, and other naturalism based  loved ones, humans and animals alike.

Still Garden will take place in the lobby of Huggins Hospital from May 27th, 2023 till July 15th, 2023. Drop off and pick up on both dates is from 10-12pm. Access to the exhibition area is through the Emergency Entrance. All artwork must adhere to our Guidelines for Exhibitions. You can also plan ahead by getting familiar with our Artist Agreement.

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