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Good Grace is a collection of drawings that oscillates between the different definitions of grace. In meditating on grace through its noun rendition, Drenning has found elegant irises. In the context of grace acting as a refined movement, she has drawn open, humble hands and flowing water. Or finally grace as a short prayer concluded before a meal with friends. 


Hope Drenning  is a storyteller. Drenning was born in Baltimore and raised in New England. Her work is grounded in drawing. Inspired by artists like Hildegard von Bingen and Hilma af Klint , she has found that a multidisciplinary approach suits the themes she discusses with flexibility. Oil painting, ink, and murals are her most beloved forms of making. Music is essential to her practice. Although not a musician herself, her greatest goal is that her work would be as accessible and as rich as music. The way a song, without understanding the mechanics or history, can touch your soul.

GWAC member artist, Hope Drenning, is currently showing until March 25.

See more of her work by stopping at MVSB.

You can follow Hope on Instagram - @hopeoncanvas_   OR reach out to her at

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